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The Charleston weather creates beautiful days on the water but can also take a toll on your boat. The sun’s UV rays can cause your boat’s gelcoat to dry out and become oxidized creating that “chalky” feel. Total Boat Repair offers full-service mobile detailing that keeps your boat looking great while protecting your investment. We service all local marinas, dry stacks or right in your own driveway.

Keeping your boat protected and maintained is key to preserving the value of your investment. Routinely detailing your boat and ensuring that all surfaces are protected from the elements will prevent costly repairs down the road. Severe oxidation and corrosion will greatly reduce the value of the boat and will cost more to remove than regular maintenance to prevent it. Many of our customers choose to get on a regular schedule with quarterly or biannual wax applications to maximize the protection and minimize degradation from the elements.

We offer a variety of services whether you have a new boat that you want to keep protected or have an older boat that you are looking to restore the shine on. Our details not only include washing your entire boat and hand cleaning all the compartments but we also clean and apply a vinyl treatment to all cushions, remove all scuff marks, polish the stainless and aluminum, hand wax all topside gelcoat, and compound/wax your hull with high speed buffing. Our details also include a UV protective polymer sealant application to ensure your boat remains protected.

Additional Services We Provide:
    -Wet Sanding to Remove Dead Gelcoat
    -Heavy Compound Oxidation Removal
    -Topside Compound Buffing
    -Polymer Sealant Wax Application
    -Rust Stain Removal
    -Waterline Stain Removal
    -Pressure Wash Removal of Bottom Growth
    -Barnacle/Oyster Scraping
    -Acid Washing
    -Cabin Cleaning
    -Galley Cleaning
    -Decal and Striping Removal

Whether you’re looking to keep your new investment protected and shining or want to get your older boat back up to speed, give us a call to discuss the best option for getting your boat looking great again.

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