Mobile Gelcoat Boat Repair

We all know that accidents happen, but in Charleston they especially happen around boat ramps, marinas, dry stacks and sandbars. When you have a boating accident that needs a repair just know that you have a professional and affordable gel coat and fiberglass boat repair service right here in Charleston. We service personal boat owners, commercial vessels, insurance claims, marinas and boat manufacturer dealerships.

We are trusted as Charleston's best gel coat and fiberglass repair business because our boat repair specialists do not cut corners and we do not overcharge our customers. Instead, we use top-of-the-line products and proven methods to bring your boat back to its original condition if not better.

We repair a wide array of boat manufacturers and styles of boats to include skiff boats, bay boats, center console boats, bowrider boats, pleasure boats, deck boats, sailboats, yachts, and more.

We fix all types of damages to your fiberglass boat from cosmetic gelcoat repairs (chips, punctures, gouges, spider cracks, etc.) to heavy fiberglass structural repairs that are the result of storm damage or collision damage.

My Boat is Damaged, Now What?

So you have a few gel coat scrapes or gouges on your boat and you're wondering if you should attempt to repair it yourself in an attempt to save some money or call us. First, you have to realize that fiberglass repair is a craft and gel coat repair is an art. Not to discourage the DIY crowd, but if you do not care if the repair is noticeable or structurally sound then take a shot at it. However, if you want to ensure that your repair is unnoticeable and done right by a professional then we are your best option. There are a number of factors that can make a repair noticeable and while even some of those factors cannot be mitigated by even our top fiberglass boat repair professionals, our experience and transparency in our consultation will provide you the best options. The bottom line is that we stand behind our work and our gel coat and fiberglass repairs hold up over time which helps retain your boat's value and overall appearance.

If you desire to have your gel coat or fiberglass repair be virtually invisible as if it never happened and you don't have the hours or even days to invest in such a project and if you don't want the stress of learning what to buy, how to use it, under what conditions and on what surfaces then you should just call us. We have the best craftsmen and artists in the Charleston area who make their mark on fiberglass boat repairs.

How To Move Forward With Your Fiberglass Boat Repair

When you call us for your fiberglass boat repair there are a few things that we will need. First off, take plenty of pictures of the damage that you can text to us so we can give you a ballpark estimate so you know what you are looking at. If you care to move forward with your repair, we will come out and complete an in-person estimate to make sure there aren't any further damages that either you or I haven't detected yet through pictures. 95% of the time, we can get started on your gel coat or fiberglass repair within 24 hours of your call. Keep in mind that every repair is different and the weather can have an effect on your return time.

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