Using a Touch Phone

Ready to Get a Free Estimate or Purchase a Service?

Follow these Simple Steps:

For Outboard Maintenance Packages:

  • It helps if you know your outboard motor's brand, year and model number or just take a picture prior to calling, especially great if you have the serial number.  

  • Call 843-940-1008 to schedule or inquire further. 

For Gel Coat & Fiberglass repairs:

  • Please take a few pictures of the damage/repair location to show a zoomed out view of where it is located on your boat and a close up view of damage. 

  • We will need to know where the boat is located and call: 843-940-1008

For Boat Upholstery & Canvas Repair:

  • Please take a few pictures of the old upholstery you wish to repair, general measurements are a plus. 

  • Know the year, make and model of the boat the upholstery is on and it helps to know if it was the original boat upholstery or custom made. 

  • Call 843-940-1008