Protect your Boat from Gel Coat Chips, Cracks and Gouges

There are a lot of boats on the water in Charleston SC and unfortunately it is unavoidable to keep your boat in mint condition. While many encounter accidents while docking their boat, pulling in an anchor, trailering their boat or transporting it there will be others who are the unfortunate recipients of collision at a dock, receive road rash while on the highway or just have gel-coat damage and have no idea what caused it.

Needless to say, things happen and it's just a part of being a boat owner. However, taking your time and throwing out a few bumpers can go a long way. While many accidents occur at the docks, it is best to leave a person in the boat versus unattended. They can help keep your boat off the dock when uncourteous boaters come through pushing wakes that slam your boat into the dock when left unattended. Likewise, they can help push away uneducated boaters coming into dock that would collide with your docked vessel. Lastly, when trailering your boat from one location to the other, try to avoid riding parallel or directly behind large trucks and commercial trailers. The large tread of their tires is best for trapping smaller rocks which they propel into your gel-coat once they reach an optimum speed.

Gel coat cracks, gouges, chips and scrapes are easily repaired by professionals in a matter of hours. We at Total Boat Repair in Charleston SC do them everyday and have the ability to make your boat look brand new. We take every step necessary to provide a brand new finish to your gel coat and fiberglass boat repair.

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